July 15, 2024

Sophie B joined me for my third day of shooting this week, and what’s more – she’s coming back again in just 2 weeks (July 12th) as she could only shoot for one day this week.

Gloss Tights Glamour

There are 3 new photosets for Gloss Tights Glamour – Sophie in turquoise top and skirt with glossy black tights. (Also shot as a 4K video with black stockings for UpSkirtGlamour)

Pink dress with grey tights. (Also a VR video plus BTS & VoP)

And a work out session in gym kit. (Also as a 4k video)

Up Skirt Glamour

For Up Skirt Glamour a secretarial outfit with blue stockings. (Also a VR video plus BTS & VoP)

Strictly Glamour

And for Strictly Glamour a red PVC playsuit and boots. (Also a VR video plus BTS & VoP)