June 13, 2024

The gorgeous Sophie B joined me for two days at the start of the week for my last shoot of 2023 and we created 17 new sets for my sites as well as several private custom sets.

So, in one mega-post, here are samples from all the photo sets that we shot. Many of these sets were also shot as 4k Videos or 8k VR videos plus several also have BTS an dVoP videos to accompany them.

Gloss Tights Glamour

Sophie wears glossy black tights beneath a long, slitted skirt for Gloss Tights Glamour

Glossy tan tights and a short red dress.

Glossy grey tights with a pink party dress.

And more glossy black tights with satin office wear.

All of these sets can be purchased individually at the GlossTightsGlamour Store which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Strictly Glamour

There are 5 photo sets for Strictly Glamour starting with Sophie in a red playsuit and boots.

Then a leather bralet and wet-look skirt with boots and bullwhip to keep her troublesome servant in line.

How do we like the shiny blue bikini and white boots?

No messing about in Sophie’s office as she lays down the law dressed in leather look trousers, PVC bra and leather jacket with ankle boots.

Just what the doctor ordered – a naughty night nurse in fishnet tights.

These new sets can be purchased individually, along with the whole back catalogue from my site, at The StrictlyGlamour Store which can be accessed by clicking HERE

Up Skirt Glamour

And two photo sets for Up Skirt Glamour – Sophie wearing some sexy lingerie with tan stockings under a short skirt and satin skirt.

Then dressed in a college fancy dress outfit with white hold-ups.

The UpSkirtGlamour Store can be accessed by clicking HERE.