Amy Green Private Custom Shoot Available

Due to a late cancellation, an opportunity has arisen to give yourself (or a loved one? :/ ) an early Christmas present – a Private Custom Shoot with the lovely Amy Green, whom I am shooting with next Wednesday. Amy is available to shoot up to nude level.

To remind you just how gorgeous she is, here are a few samples from three of her sets due for release on my forthcoming NEW website –

For more details about Private Custom Shoots click on the link at the top of this page or get in touch via my Contact Page.

You will be dealing directly with me when you commission your Private Custom Sets. There is no middle-man or woman, stylist or anyone else that your instructions need to get passed through before they reach the photographer. Your shoot will be conducted with the utmost discretion, by me personally, and I will take every care to ensure the shoot is carried out exactly to your requirements and instructions. Not only does this cut down on the costs to you, it means there is no chance that your instructions are going to get muddled or forgotten somewhere along the line of communication. I take full responsibility – from beginning to end – of your Private Custom Shoot.

Private Custom Sets don’t get shared on any other website or with anyone else. I prefer to shoot private custom sets as just that and not publish them anywhere. If you wanted a video shot it also means that you can script the scene and the model’s monologue to your specific requirements.