April 15, 2024

Cassie Clarke Only Tease

Cassie Clarke starts my first full week of 2020 back at the OT studio shooting for Only Tease and Only Opaques on day 1 of a two day shoot. Cassie has travelled all the way from Edinburgh especially to be with us at Only Tease. Using much of her own wardrobe for today’s shoot, Cassie must have been a very good girl last year as she had plenty of new cloths and sexy lingerie sets recently delivered by Santa. Thanks Santa! We’re particularly privileged to the first to see Cassie’s new outfits which I’m sure you’ll agree she looks absolutely stunning in.

Cassie Reviewing Today’s Samples

Here’s Cassie browsing through the sample photos from the nine new sets that we shot today.

Only Tease

Our first five sets are for OnlyTease with Cassie wearing this intricately patterned dress with brown opaque stockings.

Now, this is how little black dresses ought to look. Cassie looks fabulous in this satin one with black stockings. She obviously didn’t overindulge in the mince pies etc. like the vast majority of us did over the past two weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

A member’s custom request. Cassie vamps it up with black lipstick in a domme look with opaque tights.

Hard at work in the office, Cassie demonstrates her filing technique with aplomb.

Leggings over black stockings with some stylish ankle boots of Cassie’s.

Plus on 4K video a trouser suit, or pantsuit as our American cousins call them, with stockings.

Only Opaques

The final three sets are for Only-Opaques with Cassie dressed in college uniform with blue opaque tights for another member’s custom set.

A dress with navy blue opaque stockings.

And on 4K video a silk top and leather skirt with black tights.

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Cassie Clarke YouTube

Cassie also has her own very popular YouTube channel that you might want to check out. With over 70,000 subscribers the channel is regularly updated with new videos of Cassie trying on a variety of lingerie, clothes, stockings and tights.

Here’s one of her most viewed videos on the channel (currently standing at nearly 3 million views!!)

3 thoughts on “Cassie Clark at Only Tease Day 1

  1. Sassy girl! I was through in beautiful Edinburgh the other day- one of THE great cities for sure! Cassie is definitely a spectacular sight in that little black dress…simple, classic, timeless….one of the loveliest LBDs I’ve seen around these parts!
    Lovely stuff.

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