May 13, 2024

Suzi Star shooting for Only Tease

We’re back at the Only Tease studio today with pocket rocket Suzi Star for our first shoot of not only a new year but also a new decade. And what a way to kick it off! Suzi Star is not just an extremely popular glamour model but also something of an accomplished rock star too – more later on that.

You can see what a delightful personality Suzi has from the the short video we recorded after the shoot of her browsing through the sample photos from the day. The Essex beauty describes herself as “bubbly, enthusiastic and fun” and I think it’s plain to see why. Recently we seem to have had a lot of models saying that their ideal fella would be a fireman and I do worry sometimes that there aren’t enough firemen to go round all our lovely models. Thankfully, however, Suzi says she dreams of being felled by a lumberjack for which there seems to be far less female competition. Cue Monty Python.

Suzi Star reviewing her Only Tease Shoot

Including today’s shoot, Suzi now has over 150 photo and video sets across OnlyAllSites.

For OnlyTease we had a couple of member’s custom requests and a 4K video.

First off, Suzi’s relaxing on the sofa with a cuppa in her long woollen socks. Just right for a cold January day.

Then in a pink floral-print dress with black stockings.

Whilst on 4K video Suzi wears a lo-cut dress and black tights.


Only-Secretaries sees Suzi in a figure-hugging roll neck dress and black opaque tights.

Followed by tan stockings and a short skirt.

Only Silk & Satin

A Chinese-style silk dress and barely black hold-ups with some rather nice lingerie set the tone for Suzi’s first set for OnlySilkAndSatin

Another 4K video sees her in lots of satin, dressed as a secretary.

Only Costumes

First day of term too. Suzi in college outfit and black opaque stockings for Only-Costumes

Finishing off with a very cute sailor’s outfit and white stockings. “May God bless her and all who sail in her.” As Her Maj said.

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I did promise you more on Suzi Star rock star. Suzi’s other passion away from glamour modelling is singing in her rock band, Beautiful Dangerous. Here’s a short compilation of a few of the highlights from their gigs during the past year. By golly she can’t half belt them out too!

Beautiful Dangerous now booking for 2020!

Some highlights of a mega year so far! Here is some live audio & footage of this years gigs…
Next years diary is already lookin' good with new music venues!

Get in touch to book for next year!

Posted by Beautiful Dangerous on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

6 thoughts on “Suzi Star Ushers in The New Year at Only Tease

  1. Suzi Star(Rachel H) has always been one of my favorite models. She’s got a Great Body, Million Dollar Smile ect…It’s good to see her back.

  2. Yep…Suzi is definitely a star around these parts. Again, it’s lovely to see personality ringing out loud and clear in the pics review- a magic feature Mike! I’m also really liking she’s a rock chick- who doesn’t like a piece of ACDC?!

  3. It’s always such a pleasure to have Suzi in the studio and you can guarantee great results.
    Is it only men that like rock music? The audience at her gigs seems to be almost entirely male 😉

  4. Do you remember the video ACDC did for ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’? It featured the legendary glamour girl Corinne Russell in rampant leather-clad domme mode, riding a mechanical bull in spectacular fashion….oh to see sweet Suzi in this spirit!!!

  5. I know the song but hadn’t seen the video, Gary. On Wikipedia it says “She led other leather-clad women with zippers at the groin region of their suits in the AC/DC music video “You Shook Me All Night Long”. It was revealed on the VH1 series Pop-up Video that during the shot with the mechanical bull, she accidentally jabbed herself with her spur twice. The roadie who came to her aid married her a year later; Angus, one of the band members, gave them a mechanical bull for a wedding present as a joke. They later divorced.”

  6. Yes indeed….this is how I remember this Mike….a brilliant excuse to indulge myself with some more viewings!
    There’s also footage of chat about the making of this, very much ‘of it’s time’, but Brian Johnson does make me smile!

    I do reckon Suzi would be sizzling in ‘leather and zippers’ SG mode….I’d love to see her looking really smouldering and naughty!

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