September 25, 2023

Emmeline from Essex made her debut shooting for my sites on Wednesday. We were quite busy shooting custom sets but we did manage to get 8 photo and video sets in total for my sites.

There are 2 photosets for Gloss Tights Glamour, firstly with Emmeline dressed in a college uniform with black tights. There is also a similar video set of this outfit for Up Skirt Glamour but with Emmeline wearing white hold-ups instead.

Then Emmeline wears her own dress with blue lingerie and glossy tan tights.

For Strictly Glamour Emmeline wore a black PVC dress and boots for a photoset (plus BTS/VoP) and VR video.

And for Up Skirt Glamour a secretarial look with black stockings, again as a photoset (plus BTS/VoP) and VR video.