Gloss Tights Glamour website

These are just a few examples of some of the sets already shot for my forthcoming membership website – – which is due to go live towards the end of November 2020.

The basis of the site is simply models posing in highly glossy tights/pantyhose, enjoying the feel and texture of the tights and posing in a sensual and provocative manner. Simple clothing, lingerie and footwear is usual worn at the start of the set with the clothing removed by midway through the set. Footwear may remain on or be removed. Ideally the tights are worn without underwear, but if underwear is worn it should be plain with no lace, bows, ties etc that would spoil the smooth outline of the leg wear.

The site will contain a mixture of photo stills with accompanying edited BTS footage, 4K UHD video and 3D VR video.

Natalia Forrest

Lauren Louise

Porchia Watson

Frankie Lain

Chelsea Chamberlain

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