September 25, 2023

Well it was quite an adventure with Hattie Grace and Samantha earlier this month when we travelled down to East Sussex for a location shoot. You know what they say about ‘nice weather for ducks’, well the ducks actually turned up at the shoot to enjoy the weather on the day. The shoot ended up looking more like a scene from Noah’s arc with Sam dressed as a wolf and Hattie as a deer and the rain coming down.

Nice weather for ducks.

There were several custom shoots that had been specially booked on location so they needed to take precedence during breaks in the cloud.

What superheroes do when there’s no phone box nearby

The look of disappointment when they discover there were no puppies in the back of the van.

So, in the end I only managed to get 3 sets for my sites, the 2 photosets below and a VR set (of the USG photoset).