September 25, 2023

Yes, it’s more of the very lovely Kay for you lucky, lucky people today. Kay and I shot together again yesterday for a second day and came up with this little crop of sets for you – or at least a few samples from the full sets of 100+ images and videos that average about 8 minutes long.

Strictly Glamour

There are another 4 sets to go on Strictly Glamour – this stills set of Kay playing with handcuffs.

Another in which she plays the sultry dominatrix in a wet-look dress, gloves and thigh boots.

A VR video (coming soon on the site) in red PVC skirt and mesh playsuit.

And a regular 4K video in a latex dress.

Gloss Tights Glamour

Four more sets for Gloss Tights Glamour too – Kay in grey, opaque shiny tights.

Blue sheer glossy tights.

Black, semi-opaque gloss tights for a 4K video.

And some shimmery, goldie-looking tights of a VR video.

Plus one of Kay in some black stockings that is destined for somewhere else …

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