April 15, 2024

I can see I’m going to run out of titles for these posts for the Portugal photographic trip soon – so if you don’t want to be reading “Yet More Sunny Samples From Port-U-Girl” by Friday, maybe you can send in a few suggestions, please? 🙂

Today’s promised post is a little late going up owing to the fact that I took a trip over to west London to see my former boss and glamour mentor – the legendary Page 3 photographer Jeany Savage. It was very nice to catch up on news and see a few old friends at Jeany’s studio. I also picked up plenty of new contacts for some lovely ladies that I hope may be gracing the pages of my websites soon, so stay tuned! (I just need to get Jeany’s address book back in her desk drawer before she notices its missing.)

Gloss Tights Glamour

Today it’s a preview of the first batch of sets for Gloss Tights Glamour that I shot last week in The Algarve.

There’s more from the lovely Louise and Lauren Louise – today in glossy tights and party dresses.

Then Lauren Louise going solo again poolside.

Back in the Villa’s master bedroom Sophie B (know to many as Saffron) and Frankie frolic on the bed in more glossy tights and mini-skirts.

They also shot a VR video that I forgot to take samples of once they’d taken their dresses off – so here’s 3 samples with their dresses on.

More, More, More!

Plus a couple of sets for my forthcoming site with Louise and Lauren Louise in mini-skirts and stockings.

And Lauren in black stockings and satin lingerie.

More samples tomorrow from day 2 of Portugal 2021 – I’ll get it up earlier in the day too.(Fnarr,fnarr)

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4 thoughts on “More Samples From Portugal 2021

  1. amazing sets mike! What brand / type of tights is Lauren Louise wearing in the solo poolside set. Neon 40’s? What color

  2. Can you tell us the name of the new website and give a rough launch date, would sign up now if I could!!!

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