Nell McAndrew

Today I have a few shots of the lovely Nell McAndrew for you – and she really is lovely. If you’ve ever seen her on TV then I can confirm that she is just as nice off screen as she is on. I had the pleasure of working with Nell on many occasions in the late 90s. Unfortunately the few CDs I have of Nell are among the ones that haven’t stood the test of time as well as others, and many of the images are corrupted and lost for good. I thought I’d post a few that have survived – they were shot for during the period when the model was comped onto a background. These are dated December 2000 and several of the shots ended up on magazines and in newspapers all over the world. I seem to recall that the Daily Star used one image twice for its front cover on two separate days – I don’t know whether that is a unique occurrence?

Nell’s had quite a varied and exciting career. In addition to appearing on Page 3 and in Loaded, FHM, Maxim etc, she’s appeared on many TV shows and is any accomplished athlete having run many marathons. Her personal best was just 2:54:39 hrs in the 2012 London Marathon.