April 15, 2024

All the way from Poland (although not travelling from there today) is new model – 19 year old Rose Dame who currently resides in north London.

We had a busy day producing the 7 stills sets below plus a couple of VR videos as well as some Private Customs.

Here’s Rose dressed as a cheerleader for Gloss Tights Glamour and wearing some gorgeous Victoria Secret Signature Gold glossy tights, and a BIG ‘thank you’ to Larry in California for sending in these lovely tights – thank you, Larry 🙂

Then in secretarial attire Rose wears glossy black tights.

Then Rose wears a black PVC dress with over-the-knee boots for Strictly Glamour

Followed by red PVC skirt and bra with black stockings and platform heels.

Lastly, for Up Skirt Glamour, Rose is ready to take flight dressed as cabin crew with black stockings – luckily she stays put and decides to play along 🙂

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