Stevie Louise – Slightly Sleepy!

It was a great pleasure to welcome Stevie Louise back so quickly after her debut shoot earlier this month, she’s proved to be a big hit on OnlyTease. It’s a pity she’s working quite so hard at the moment, she had only finished working on BangBabes TV at 4.30am and had had about an hours sleep before setting off to our studio, so was a little on the sleepy side. She also seems to have been enjoying herself out and about around time and was recently pictured emerging from a London club with the irrepressible Russell Brand and another model friend, Lisa O’Connor – who we hope to get in soon for a shoot too. I must say it was a great little outfit that Stevie was wearing – you can see for yourself here.

Well, despite burning the candle at both ends, Stevie still looked great and we shot 4 sets for OnlySilkAndSatin, firstly a very smart secretary suit with tan stockings.

stevie-louise-01 stevie-louise-02 stevie-louise-03

Then this skimpy little black number with black seamed pantyhose.

stevie-louise-04 stevie-louise-05 stevie-louise-06

A sexy slit skirt low-cut top with dark tan stockings.

stevie-louise-07 stevie-louise-08 stevie-louise-09

And this sexy silver teddy with sheer natural pantyhose. Mmmm!

stevie-louise-10 stevie-louise-11 stevie-louise-12

We also did 3 sets for and a video apiece for both sites.

Another secretary in dark brown opaque stockings, a short mini-dress with thick opaque black pantyhose and a college girl in dark grey opaque stockings.

stevie-louise-13 stevie-louise-14 stevie-louise-15
stevie-louise-16 stevie-louise-17 stevie-louise-18
stevie-louise-19 stevie-louise-20 stevie-louise-21

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