Terri Lou

Like the proverbial bus – no blog posts for over a week then 2 come along at once. Sometimes I feel like the Routemaster of the glamour world 🙂

This week’s second instalment comes from the lovely new face of Terri Lou – new to my sites anyway, though Terri has many credits to her name and an, understandably, large following of fans.

We cracked out lots of new sets on Wednesday and to start with here’s the samples from the sets for Strictly Glamour

Strictly Glamour

The first 3 sets are all photosets.

This set was shot in VR 180 video – if you haven’t tried virtual reality you don’t know what you’re missing – 3D has come on a very long way since Jaws 3 and the films erroneous claim that “The 3rd dimension is terror.”

And the final set is a 4K video which has in fact already been released on Strictly Glamour. As with all videos on my sites, there’s a 1 minute trailer of each video and here’s the much reduced 480p resolution trailer to Terri’s video that was released yesterday (Fri 20th Aug, 2021).

Gloss Tights Glamour

And of course there’s plenty for Gloss Tights Glamour

There are 3 photosets.

With this final JOI set being shot on 4K video.