March 1, 2024

There are five more sets lined up to be released on Strictly Glamour this week with photo sets from Chelsea Chamberlain and Jenny, plus a video from Felicity Hill and BTS action with Frankie Lain and Natalia X.


Monday 28th September, 2020

Spick & Span Pan

Chelsea Chamberlain is inspecting your cleaning work in the bathroom. You better have made a good job of it or else you’re likely to feel the full force of her chain flogger across your back. If you’ve pleased her then maybe she’ll remove her skimpy wet-look and mesh outfit and stand before you in just her skin-tight leather boots.


Tuesday 29th September, 2020

Squeal & Squirm BTS

Behind-the-scenes footage of curvaceous domme, Frankie Lain. See the photo set being shot in which she makes you squirm as she tempts and teases you in her buckle-up wet-look body suit and over-the-knee boots. You know you’ll never be allowed to touch this wondrous goddess! Original photo set released on 24th September, 2020.


Wednesday 30th September, 2020

Leotard Lashings

Mistress Felicity will make you sit up and beg – beg for mercy! Dressed in a tight-fitting PVC vinyl leotard and matching thigh-high stiletto boots she looks absolutely amazing and you should be so thankful that you’re privileged to be her obedient slave. As a treat she might just allow you to play with your cock and worship her body as she whips you.


Thursday 1st October, 2020

Redhead’s Revenge

Ravishing redhead, Mistress Jenny, looks like she means business! She’s ready for you with her handcuffs to restrain you whilst she has her wicked way. In a domineering cup-less PVC and fishnet top that beautifully displays her ample breasts, only a fool would think of disobeying her commands.


Friday 2nd October, 2020

Surprise, Surprise! BTS

Watch behind-scenes footage of this photo set of Natalia X being shot. Natalia’s got a surprise for you beneath her skirt, and that flogger whip looks slightly unusual. I hope you’re ready for this! Original photo set released on 21st September, 2020.