June 13, 2024

Here are the models with a few sample images taken from their sets that are appearing on Gloss Tights Glamour this week – all wearing shiny gloss tights for your enjoyment and appreciation.

The samples photos here are much smaller than on the site itself. Videos on the site are full 1080HD.


Monday 25th January, 2021

Tess in black with semi-opaque glossy tights

Tess can’t wait to remove her black dress so she can show off her cappuccino coloured Fiore Raula 40 denier semi-opaque glossy tights. Do you like what you see?


Tuesday 26th January, 2021

Jen Loveheart in pink with fuchsia/pink glossy tights – BTS

Behind-the-scenes video that documents the shoot with Jen that resulted in the photoset that was historically released back on 28th September 2020.


Wednesday 27th January, 2021

Tillie in purple dress with grey sheer glossy tights

Tillie teases and tantalises in her purple dress but, then things start to hot up when she strips from it, thus providing a much better view of her grey sheer glossy tights that on closer inspection reveal she has no panties on underneath!


Thursday 28th January, 2021

Samantha in lilac dress and black glossy tights – BTS

Behind-the-scenes video documenting shoot with Samantha wearing a lilac dress and black glossy tights as featured in photoset released back on 9th November 2020.


Friday 29th January, 2021

Felicity Hill Electric Blue

Felicity loves to make a good impression and with electric blue glossy tights there is no doubt she will get your full attention as you watch and enjoy seeing her treat you to a little seductive tease!

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