March 1, 2024

There are plenty of great new photo, video and BTS sets released this week on Strictly Glamour. Natalia Forrest, Kay, Daisy A, Frankie Lain and Amy Green are dressed in all sorts of kinky PVC, leather and latex outfits plus high-heeled stiletto shoes and boots.

The samples photos here are much smaller than on the site itself and the videos are also scaled down to 720p.

Tomorrow I’ll be showcasing this week’s releases on Gloss Tights Glamour for all of you that love all these gorgeous women in shiny tights and pantyhose.


Monday 25th January, 2021

Daisy A Compliance Required

Mistress Daisy A wearing her favourite PVC lingerie is here to whip you into shape and will take no prisoners from any slave that does not comply with her instructions!


Tuesday 26th January, 2021

Frankie Loves Leather BTS

Behind-the-scenes video of Mistress Frankie in leather documenting photoshoot that took place resulting in the photoset released on 7th January 2021


Wednesday 27th January, 2021

Kay Bares All Discreetly

Mistress Kay is going to make your jaw hit the floor when you watch her tease from her cup-less outfit in this special performance and treat for all you grovelling slaves. Be sure to be on your best behaviour or you will suffer her wrath and flogger whip!


Thursday 28th January, 2021

Natalia X Skater Girl

Do not be lulled into a false sense of security as you gaze upon the pink skater outfit that Mistress Natalia is wearing with over-the-knee high-heeled boots today because she is in total control. You are about to be treated to an x-rated performance that will make you gasp for air. You have been warned!


Friday 29th January, 2021

Amy G Red Leather BTS

Behind-the-scenes video documenting shoot with Mistress Amy wearing red leather outfit and red high-heeled boots from photoset scheduled for release in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled!