June 13, 2024

Here are the models with a few sample images taken from their sets that are appearing on Gloss Tights Glamour this week – all wearing shiny gloss tights for your enjoyment and appreciation.

We’re still upgrading the site behind the scenes and whilst this is all happening I’m afraid we can’t take subscriptions, so unless you’re already a member of the site you’ll have to wait a little longer until you can join up.

Once we’re finished we’ll be able to accept new members again. I think you’ll be very pleased with the changes that include many more features like more download options for both videos and photosets, ‘favouriting’ of sets, comments on sets and voting on sets. There’s also an incredible new search facility. On top of that you’ll soon be able to get all the latest videos in 4K UHD and there will be VR 3D videos coming online soon.

The samples photos here are much smaller than on the site itself. Videos on the site are full 1080HD.


Monday 15th February, 2021

Kay in black LBD with electric blue glossy tights

Kay really knows how to create a great first impression as she steps forward wearing a little black dress with electric blue glossy tights taking no time at all in teasing to reveal her amazing big boobs and more besides!


Tuesday 16th February, 2021

Tommy in black LBD with grey sheer glossy tights – BTS

Fabulous behind-the-scenes video capturing what happened on this shoot with Tommy which subsequently resulted in an outstanding photoset released back on the 5th October 2020 – Go check it out after you have watched this !


Wednesday 17th February, 2021

Felicity Hill in red bra with tan glossy tights

Felicity is feeling very frisky wearing just a red bra, tan glossy tights and high-heeled shoes which she removes for those who love to see toes/feet being presented. She so loves to tease and treat!


Thursday 18th February, 2021

Natalia Forrest in white with fuchsia/pink glossy tights – BTS

Behind-the-scenes video documenting shoot with Samantha wearing a lilac dress and black glossy tights as featured in photoset released back on 9th November 2020.


Friday 19th February, 2021

Amy Green in pinstripe dress and black glossy tights

So Amy is going for a job interview and wants to know what you think of her outfit here? Have a sneaky feeling it will probably get your approval and that makes her happy as she treats you to a little tease!

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  1. The text for Natalia’s Behind-The-Scenes set released on 18th February 2021 should have said this …..

    This behind-the-scenes video of Natalia captures all the action relating to the shoot that resulted in a photoset previously released back on 13th July 2020 so here is a great chance to revisit and remind you what a cracker it is!

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