June 13, 2024

I set off early yesterday morning to make the 2 hour trip south to Rosie’s house in West Sussex. We don’t get to see much of Rosie elsewhere on the internet these days but one very reliable source of great new content is on her Only Fans page where she appears under the name of Blondie Rose. What’s more, Rosie’s running a 50% discount at the moment on her 30 day sign up fee making it just $5. For this bargain price, not only will you get daily updates but also a live stream each and every Saturday!

As ever it was a pretty busy day producing 10 new sets for my sites plus a few Private Custom Sets for some discerning readers. Rosie was in top form and an impeccable host, making me numerous cups of delicious strong coffee in her Nespresso machine and even packing up all my clothing and footwear at the end of the shoot – Thanks Rosie! 🙂

Strictly Glamour

Rosie, wearing a tight PVC dress and thigh boots, wants you to get down on your knees and obey her commands.

In a mesh bodysuit and leather boots, Rosie will take you through your paces in her bedroom.

What’s that saying about “An angel in the kitchen …”? I don’t think Rosie got that memo – it’s certainly not her who’s going to find themselves chained to the kitchen sink!

On 4K video Rosie’s dishing out more orders in a red PVC dress and knee-boots.

Gloss Tights Glamour

There’s plenty of new content to go on Gloss Tights Glamour too – first up Rosie’s back in the kitchen wearing ultra glossy black tights.

Wearing tan tights.

More tan tights- this time opaque.

Natural tights and an LBD on 4K video.


A college uniform with black hold-ups.

And a blue party dress with tan stockings.

1 thought on “Rosie At Home

  1. Was rather hoping there might be at least one ‘outdoor’ set for reasons you know about LOL !!!

    Seriously, these sets from Rosie look amazing and it sounds like she made it very enjoyable by being such a great host and wonderful human-being, not to mention, a sensational natural beauty.

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