Chelsea Chamberlain

Feast your eyes on this latest batch of samples from blonde bombshell Chelsea Chamberlain! Chelsea was another model that I had to reschedule due to the UK lockdown back in March so I’m really pleased that she was able to join me yesterday.

She recorded a little message just for Strictly Glamour to which I’ve added a few samples from the behind-the-scenes videos that now also feature on the site alongside their corresponding photo sets.

And here are a few sample images from the photo sets, video and Virtual Reality (VR) Video.

Chelsea’s wearing a pair of over-the-knee stiletto heel leather boots in this photo set.

Anoteher photo set with leather boots and a wet-look zipper top.

A pink PVC zipper dress with see-through stiletto shoes.

Cracking the whip in PVC platform stiletto boots with wet-look lingerie and black hold-up stockings.

This set of Chelsea in a red, skin-tight PVC dress with platform stiletto heeled shoes was shot in 5.7K 3D 180 VR video (that’s a mouthful!).

And finally in regular 2D 4K UHD video (or just ‘video’, if you prefer), Chelsea’s looking absolutely irresistible in a PVC zipper skirt, halterneck top and strappy high heels.