Lucy Pinder & the Hand Bra

Lucy Pinder

The ‘Pinder Hand Bra’ – luckily Lucy’s hands were quite small.

We’re heading back to November 2003 for this shoot with Lucy Pinder for Megastar. I’m pretty sure both Lucy and Michelle Marsh were booked into my shoot on the same day with me, though I didn’t shoot them together. They went on to work extensively together, especially in the Daily Star, and were two of the last ‘big names’ we saw in glamour modelling before the internet changed the game.

We are also probably witnessing here one of the earliest appearances of the ‘Pinder Hand Bra’, which Lucy employed with great effect almost throughout her entire modelling career until she was finally persuaded by one of the Lads’ Mags to show us the palms of her hands, shortly before she retired.