Second Group Shoot with Lauren Louise, Holly Gibbons, Saffron, Amy Green, Kay and Natasha Anastasia.

No rest for the wicked! Straight after completing a fantastic six model shoot on Friday, we’re right back in the thick of it again with another six gorgeous models in the OT studio again today.

For our second group shoot we welcome Lauren Louise, Holly Gibbons, Saffron, Amy Green, Kay and Natasha Anastasia.

For Only Tease the girls dressed up in reindeer outfits with opaque bronze tights. I would imagine if these six lovelies were pulling Santa’s sleigh (and no – that’s not a euphemism for anything else!), he probably wouldn’t be paying an awful lot of attention to where he was going and miss most of his drop offs – a bit like MyHermes does Xmas.

Next up are the OT netball team, wearing short skirts and cotton pants with ankle socks.

Off to the races! I’m reliably told that this is the proper attire for a day at Ascot. Having never ventured further afield than Bristol Stadium dog track in my youth, I wouldn’t know. Anyway, in these little dresses and black opaque tights they’re sure to set a few hearts racing at least.

Following that we retired to the master bedroom where our half dozen honeys donned wet-look leggings over their black hold-ups and climbed into some peep-toe black stilettos.

Looking very business-like for Only Secretaries in this set, our young ladies have a mixture of black tights and black stockings beneath some figure-hugging dresses.

There’s acres of shiny material in this set for our Silk & Satin website with long satin gloves and more black stockings and suspenders.

Again for Silk & Satin, some silky negligés and gowns with tan stockings.

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And rounding it all off in party mood for Layered Nylons with everyone in tights AND stockings.

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