May 13, 2024

My second shoot of the week was with the wildly popular Sophie B aka Saffron.

Sophie spent 2 days with me and these are the samples from our first day together.




Mistress Christmas is Sophie’s first persona for Strictly Glamour

Then Sophie’s dressed in a PVC dress with black stockings – unwrapping herself for good boys only.

These new sets can be purchased individually, along with the whole back catalogue from my site, at The StrictlyGlamour Store which can be accessed by clicking HERE

Just the single set for Gloss Tights Glamour today, shot as a photoset and VR video, of Sophie in a figure-hugging dress with glossy black tights.

This photoset can be purchased from The GlossTightsGlamour Store which you can find by clicking HERE.

Plus 2 sets for Up Skirt Glamour – firstly Sophie as a French Maid with black stockings.

And wearing her own dress with natural stockings.

The UpSkirtGlamour Store, where you can buy these 2 sets individually, can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Look out for more stunning samples from Sophie’s second day’s shoot on my blog tomorrow!

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