September 29, 2023

It’s been a very busy week for me with 3 shoots this week. First up was a debut shoot for my sites with super-chatty blonde temptress, Tania Aresti. Tania made the short hop from London to my studio where we shot several new sets and some custom sets.

I case you’re not aware, newly shot sets now appear in my site’s Store areas where they can be purchased individually without subscribing to the sites (you will need to register, but that’s free). I’ve put links to the Store areas below. (The exception to the sets being available is if a set is scheduled for release in the next 2 weeks, it will not be available in the Store until after the set has been released on the members site. Once a set has been released on the members site, it will be available again to purchase in the Store after 7 days. i.e. a week later.)

We’re getting right into the festive spirit now with a set of Tania in a Santa outfit with glossy black tights for Gloss Tights Glamour. (This set is scheduled for release on 24th Dec and, as such, is not available in the Store).

Then Tania is in a skirt and shirt with black glossy tights.

The GlossTightsGlamour Store can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Just one look for Strictly Glamour, shot as both a stills set and 4k video of Tania in a red PVC body suit.

The StrictlyGlamour Store can be accessed by clicking HERE.

And a single set for Gloss Tights Glamour, again shot as a photoset and 4k video.

The UpSkirtGlamour Store can be accessed by clicking HERE.

I’m sure we’ll get more content with Tania in the not-too-distant future and hopefully a few more sets in a day if we don’t spend quite and long chatting 🙂

Look out for samples from my 2-day shoot with Sophie B coming over the weekend.

There’s also still time to book your own custom shoot with next week’s gorgeous model Jessica B and Ashley Jay, if you get in quickly!