Stacey Poole Back At Strictly Glamour – Custom Shoots Available!

After a 4 year break from shooting (other than for her own website), Stacey Poole is back with me on Tuesday shooting for my sites.

Private Custom Shoot

Due to a late cancellation I am also able to offer a Private Custom Shoot slot with Stacey, so if there’s a special outfit or scenario that you’d like to see Stacey in, please get in contact.

Details on Private Custom Shoots can be found here.

Regular Custom Shoots

Due to popular demand I have decided to introduce Regular Custom Shoots – these are priced at just £100/$130 each (photo or video/VR) and will be published on my websites at some point for other members to enjoy (you’ll obviously get access to your custom set right after the shoot).

Regular Custom Shoots will have to follow the style and direction of the website on which they appear which will mean, for instance, that the model will not be able to refer to you by name on videos and that clothing not normally associated with the website can not be used. I’ll be publishing fuller details in due course.

In the meantime, if this is something that may interest you then please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Stacey Poole

Here’s a few samples from a couple of sets that Stacey previously shot for Strictly Glamour

You can see more of Stacey on her Twitter page

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    • They were some of the first sets released on the site in 2013, Michael. Strictly Glamour’s first set is dated November 23rd, 2012 but we actually opened our doors mid 2013 (with 6 month’s of ‘back’ content).

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